8 Important Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To be SUCCESSFUL! By OFAI EDORI


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Success is very desirable and social media does make it look easier, it’s just like a summary of success versus the full story. In fact, some people only seem to be successful with the clothes, shoes and the occasion trips to Dubai, London, L.A. and elsewhere but in reality, are broke and in debt. I won’t lie even though I know better there’s a part of me that wants what they have. Success has a lot of perks, people are generally attracted to things that seems successful and that’s probably why some people do it. Anyway, to be successful there are some important questions you should ask yourself. Give yourself a great self-examination and see if you pass in flying colors! If you don’t try again later. All these questions don’t have to be answered immediately, unlike a normal exam, there’s no exact time limit, it’s a matter of how well not how fast.

The 7 Important Questions

In light of the news about Kylie Jenner that broke last week who is on course to be the youngest billionaire according to her Forbes magazine cover; you might be wondering how to go about being successful. These are some important questions to ask yourself to put you on track.


1. What Does Success Mean to You?: Let’s take it back to 2009, Drake & Trey Songs released a song called “Successful” and the standout line in the song is “I want the money, money and the cars, cars and clothes, the girls I suppose, I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful”. I remember singing this song with passion and I still like it! Fast forward to recent times, Drake is the biggest rapper in the world, he had an 8-year run where he was on the billboard charts every single week! He even did 1 billion streams first week for his new album Scorpion, he is one of the most recognizable faces in the world and he is meme gold! He always has the wheels of social media moving as can be seen in the new #KekeChallenge from his song ‘In My Feelings’… “Keke do you love me? Are you riding?” Plus, he does have the money, cars, clothes, girls and much more. Drake is a marketable behemoth and we can’t all be Drakes but it is important to put a personal meaning to ‘success’ because when you personalize something you can take it more seriously.

2. What Does It Take and Do I Have It?: Sometimes doing your best is not good enough. Sometimes you must do what is required. – Winston Churchill. Being successful in a field has certain requirements such as ‘grit’ and sometimes we’re just not up to the task, it may seem harsh and insensitive but it’s the truth. Sadly, it isn’t always your fault because you really might’ve given it your all! If you have to go on a journey that requires a full tank of petrol but you only have half tank you’re not going to make it there with the car. If you want to be a top athlete for example, you may need grooming from a young age, strict diet, discipline and to try and remain drug free. If you can’t do all those things, it’s hard to imagine how ‘successful’ in that field you’ll be.

3. What are You Willing to Do?: Being successful needs you to sacrifice certain things or as Mark Manson author of the New York Times best-seller The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck said what shit sandwich are you willing to eat? Gary Vaynerchuk owner of Wine Library TV, author and investor said on one of his Instagram posts that “From 1991-2006 I worked every day of the summer, all day, building up my life and career and legacy. I missed a lot of fun, leisure, good times, memories, but I was on a mission, I was focused, I was willing to eat dirt, be patient, be judged and go through it to scratch the itch of my ambition.” You must determine your opportunity cost for success, i.e. the alternative you let go to get something else. Life is about exchange and that’s why karma exists so you’ll be rewarded for your actions. If you spend your time working hard and smart, networking, educating yourself and honing your craft then you’re more likely to be successful than if you did nothing. So, will you sacrifice your time, energy, leisure, laziness etc. to be successful? Identify what you need to start doing and stop doing and then take action and see how things start changing.

4. Why Do You Want to be Successful?: In his book Millionaire Success Habits, Dean Graziosi talks about an exercise which basically involves asking WHY? So, you need to be asked why you want to be successful 7 times and each answer will lead into the next question. For example, if I say I want to be successful because I want to move out of my parents’ house then the next question would be why do you want to move out of your parents’ house? Graziosi said if it’s done right then the 7th answer will be your truest reason and it will make you dig deeper into yourself to find a solid answer. He said that when he answered the last question he broke down crying and his final answer was that he wanted ‘control’. You can do this exercise by yourself but it’s more effective if you have a partner, preferably a mentor.

5. Do You Believe in Yourself?: Self-belief is probably the most important ingredient for success because you need to be able to believe in yourself to keep on doing the work you need to do. Think of it this way, if you’re going on a long journey and you have two options: First, you can board a faulty bus that can breakdown anywhere along the way and the way is full of risks. Second, you can board a strong and sturdy bus that can go a couple rounds of the journey without breaking down but the way is still risky. Which one will you choose? When you believe in yourself then you know that you can withstand the incoming risks at full capacity but when you’re self-doubting or self-loathing, it can easily get the better of you and you will breakdown along the way; it might be better to not even start the journey sometimes. If you don’t believe you’re any good, how can you except to carry the weight of an idea and turn it into something tangible? How do you convince others to join you on your quest to success?

6. Does Competition Motivate or Demotivate You?: Confidence is a needed resource in the business of success, you can’t do without it. For example, Michael Jackson didn’t become Michael Jackson without him being confidence in his own ability and craftsmanship. Competition is bound to happen because other want to be successful as well. Serena Williams is one of the best tennis players ever and one of the best athletes in the world right from when I was a kid I’ve been hearing about her. She was asked during an interview if she was concerned about being at the top and having to play people at their best all the best. She said she doesn’t really bother to check out her competitor’s games because they always play on a different scale when they face her. She’s kinda unfazed because she said they make her better when they play at their best. If you get demotivated when you think about competition then I can’t imagine you being successful because it comes with the territory! Elizabeth Smith from Career Girl Daily said that “Being envious of others is actually just being envious of what makes them successful, or ‘better’. Your answer to this question will determine your self-worth and will tell you if it’s something you need to work on.”

7. Can You Keep Your Goals to Yourself?: Back in 2011 Lil Wayne released an iconic song ‘6 Foot 7 Foot’ which had so many punchlines but a standout line was ‘…real Gs move in silence like lasagne’. Another line from a song that sticks out to me is from J Hus’ (U.K. rapper) ‘Plottin’ where he said, “don’t think I’m shy ‘cause I’m quiet, I’m just plottin, I’m plottin”. These two lines emphasize that silence is golden! These days with social media information can be shared instantly and, honestly, it’s harder to keep some things to ourselves. According to an article from Life Hack Life, when we’ve had a new splendid idea whether it’s an epic novel or an exciting new website, the temptation to shout it on the rooftops is high. You should resist the “temptation and only speak about it after it is done because once you tell someone, the brain is swayed into believing you’ve already completed the goal which in turn could decrease your motivation if people are already telling you how impressive it is”. Do more, talk less then you can truly lap up the praise. really experience this because sometimes I’m so excited to spill the beans about my plans to others and I find that afterwards it doesn’t work out even though I convince myself that telling others will suspend the sword of accountability over my neck.

8.How Will I Be Successful?: This question can be slightly interpreted as “what can I do to be successful?” This involves identifying your talents, gifts or skills and seeing how best you can leverage them. Many of us can only be exceptionally good at one or two things not many we shouldn’t aim to be Jack and Jacquelines of all trades and masters of none. Nelson Mandela was a persuasive and head strong lawyer with very compelling oratory and negotiation skills. How effective would he have been if he was a singer or footballer compared to Beyoncé or Cristiano Ronaldo and vice versa? This question also involves identifying your dreams and goals and planning out how to accomplish said goals because a goal without a plan is just a wish. (see How to Set Your Goals and Smash Them) A plan is the vehicle for goals or dreams; an effective plan can be a rocket and a poor one can be a hearse. (See 11 Steps for Creating an Effective Plan)

Quote of The Day: “Making your mark on the world is hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it. But it’s not. It takes patience, it takes commitment and it comes with plenty of failure along the way. The real test is not whether you avoid failure, because you won’t. it’s whether you let it harden or shame you into inaction, or whether you learn from it; whether you choose to persevere.” – Barack Obama

Well, that’s it from me guys! Now it’s your turn!

Your Turn

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“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity” BY NAT TUMER.

Its not the matter of your age, background or experience; having an effective communication teaches you a lot. The greatest people of all time are also amazing communicators. It builds the most important thing and that is your confidence.

Some people are afraid of expressing their thoughts, emotions and ideas. They are afraid of environment that what people will think if they speak wrong and will criticize them a lot, but the truth is that if you are wrong then after exchange of ideas we will have RIGHT knowledge about that thing, so try to speak whether you are right or wrong. The communication builds up confidence. While communicating with big gatherings you learn how to communicate effectively, confidently and much more.

“Confident communicators can reveal their Failures as well as their Successes” BY DIANNA BOOHER.


Here I am going to discuss some tips to improve your communication skills. FOR further reading about  communication importance, purpose and benefits, you can read my previous article below




Be brief about everything you are discussing. You should have clear thoughts about the things you are going to discuss. If you are so much passionate about the topic, your thought become garbled, if you just track your conversation on different key points. A good habit is to have 4 to 5 key points and make your discussion circle round that points, this way you will be able to have an effective communication and will learn more. Make it clear what you are trying to convey.

For example, your motto of discussion is to attain information and you want to give your point of information to discuss that. If a person know your motto in advance then conversation will run smooth and results will be effective and according to your hope.



When you are communicating with others your first job is to put listener at ease. This helps you to become comfortable with other and made them feel like they are like you. If you are expressing your thoughts to others and they are listening peacefully then its your duty as well to listen to them calmly and let them expressive about their thoughts. If your conversation is not ended according to your hopes, then try to end it politely and peacefully, instead of rushing and fighting with each other because that will leave negative impact on both.

“The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them” BY RALPH NICHOLS.



Try to put all your distractions off while communicating. Don’t use mobile phones while negotiating with each other. Put your mobile phones on silent because it can distract your attention from the communicator. If your mobile rang, then take an excuse if its urgent to attend otherwise turn it off immediately and continue your discussion. Distractions kill the concentration of communication and its no more an EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION!



Be careful about what you are saying and what’s your movement of hands because it leave great impact on people. often it happens that your gestures don’t convey the right message of yours and people take it in negative way, so try to have an effective gestures that highlight your saying and have influence on others instead of distracting them to negative thoughts.

For example, when you fold your arms, this shows that person is becoming reserve and the other person also become reserve while communicating. So your gestures must be taken into consideration while having communication. Try to practice as much as you can!

“Be yourself! Don’t try to fabricate your personality in the guise of impressing others” BY ASHISH PATELA.



Be confident about your thoughts and ideas. Be confident in knowing that you will make the conversation worthwhile and results will be amazing. Don’t hesitate to convey your point of view whether its right or wrong. May be from the thing you fear and don’t convey to others prove positive and worthwhile to the other person. Practice interactions with others, in this way you will have a social circle and that will give you positive outcomes in future.

“No relationship can prosper without proper communication. And you can’t be the only one communicating” 

quote credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/325385141810740986/



Your attitude leave great impact on your conversation. Try to be honest, patient, optimistic, respectful and sincere to others. Don’t interrupt the other person because it breaks the flow of conversation so show good and sincere attitude towards others.

“People may hear your WORDS, but they feel your attitude” BY JOHN C MAXWELL.


If you have eye contact during communication then it helps you build rapport and will convince others that this man has interest, knowledge and is trustworthy. During communication its important to have an eye contact with people.

If you giving a presentation or addressing to audience then the major thing to convey your view point is to have an eye contact. Neglecting anyone will loose your point of discussion and will not leave any impact on people and will start avoiding you.



As there’s a saying, that there is always a right time and a right place for communicating with each other. Avoid discussing long topics if you know that you have short time to discuss the heavy topics. Feel free to discuss anything whether major or minor, if you feel like you have free time so that you can negotiate in productive and effective manner. Try to have clarity of the things in your conversation. Have open environment for your conversation, where you have freedom to discuss anything. 

“The time is always right to do what is right” BY MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.



Speak softly, calmly and loudly when you are addressing public meeting or big gatherings. Your tone must not be harsh, it must be soft and gentle. Try to have varying frequency in your voice to leave impact on people. If you want that people must listen to you then raise your pitch and then lower it periodically. Try to speak slowly with pauses, avoid making your communicating flow fast because it always result in bad communications and people loose interest.



Try to practice communication gestures and body language. You should try to talk in a way that everyone get positive gesture. Your body language must be effective to impress others that what you are talking about. Be aware of your eyes and hand movements because they effect the most while having communication. Be careful with humor. Do not take it tooo long because if you keep on laughing and smiling, your communication will loose point and will not be taken seriously.

“GOD please teach me to speak right words at the right time with right tone, so I can live in peace and happiness” BY ANURAG PRAKSAH RAY.



Yes, people suffer a lot. They have poor and broken relationships with others. They lack understanding and always remain frustrated because their inner thoughts never come out because theirs no one to listen to them which result in all time anxiety and anger. They suffer a lot in their job matters or public communicating matters. They feel lonely. They have no confidence and always remain backward in society. They have less knowledge and are unable to stand properly in society.


Communication is a process, by which human behavior is modified and shaped; and good results are expected for the people.

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EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION…. Purpose, Importance & Benefits :)

Communication is the exchange of knowledge between the person whether it is face to face or through any electronic media. The importance of communication is same as the significance of breathing. Indeed, it helps you form relationships with people.

Before the advent of internet, people use to exchange their knowledge face to face, but after this discovery people have lack of communication skills due to which they lack good relationships with others. For example, teachers share their knowledge and experience with students. Moreover, the author communicate with people and convey his/her thoughts via book. Book is the authors weapon to communicate. No company can make progress if it lacks the communicating people. Communication play a vital role in lives of human beings. It helps you express your ideas, thoughts and emotions to others which result in affection or hatred towards others.

       “The art of communication is the language of leadership” By JAMES HUMES.


Let’s discuss the purpose & importance, that why to communicate effectively.


Try to have relevant knowledge about everything so that you can transfer information at right time to right person. Information must me conveyed in easy way so that the other person understands it properly without any difficulty. The use of difficult words should be avoided.   y


The purpose of your communication should be to provide authentic information to others so that they can implement in their lives. For example, theirs a doctor and a patient and patient is suffering from serious disease but you don’t want to tell him/her because the illness and disease spreads as your mind start functioning according to it. When patient is living his/her life without any stress of disease then he/she will be able to recover soon. So you must have strong points to negate with others that change the perspective of others too and they are pushed to listen to your thoughts instead of giving lame excuses and forcing them to listen to you. This makes the communication WIERD!

“When the language is used without a true significance, it loses its purpose as a means of communication and becomes an end in itself” BY KARL JASPERS.


When you exchange your knowledge with each other, Your mind opens and you have more clear thoughts about the things. You are also able to grasp more information. Effective communication always ends up in promotion of excellent human relations.

“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others” BY ANTHONY ROBBINS.


When you communicate you are motivated to achieve goals and your morale boost up. When you have proper timing and drafting of message with each other, then your skills and motivation level become high. You are more focused towards your goal when you have proper guidance and true supporters. Effective communication build confidence and this is how you move towards your glory of success. For success you can visit and read my another article by lifeofanaspieweb (Kerin Maclean)




Communication is necessary when you have to make decisions and plan something. When you have quality communication with each other then your decisions are easy to make because your decisions are reflection of your future goals. Effective communication lead you towards the proper implementation of your plans and decisions. Sometimes people think awkward to discuss their goals but discussing something with each other won’t harm you but will make your path clear for your future goals. 

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said” BY DR.PETER F. DRUCKER.


Effective communication leads to managerial efficiency. When you are working in group then its requires some sort of management for your work. If you are able to communicate easily then your implementation of goal becomes easy. For example, if you are working in team and only the one member does all the tasks and don’t consider anyone to work with him/her, then that task usually fail before coming to an end. Effective communication will always lead you towards success and will divide the task and will not burden only one person and you reach towards your goal smoothly. 


Effective communication creates understanding and trust among people. It provides an end to co-operation. Without communication you won’t be able to solve your problems and inculcate peace in your lives. For peace, you need to communicate and share your problems with others so that you can get better solutions to cope with the situation. Co-operation and understanding come in one major box.

“Communicate. Even when it’s uncomfortable or uneasy. One of the best ways to heal is simply getting everything out and if you live bitterly, you live a lonely existence” BY MYLKNHONEY.                  




  • An aid to develop good human, friendly and public relation ships.
  • Communication helps in developing leadership and co-ordination among all.
  • It helps in effective planning and decision making and solve most of your problems.
  • It increases awareness among people and enhances personal knowledge.
  • You learn different behaviors of people and learn how to deal with them actively.
  • Regular communication bring effective changes to come easily.
  • Communication gives you the better image and understanding of other persons thoughts, ideas and perceptions.

Communication is a process, by which human behavior is modified and shaped; and good results are expected for the people.

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MY DEFINITION OF SUCCESS!!! BY lifeofanaspieweb

Hey guys…This is my first guest post by Kerrin Maclean. She is an excellent writer. You can read and follow her, I will leave all her links below so make sure to visit her social media links and also donate for her good cause.


pic credit: Quotes about success

We tend to question ourselves including myself what success really is and how we define it is up to us. We have the power I myself included every right to make everyday choices that is deemed suitable for myself and you and only us. Before we all try to chase or pursue our dreams – we need to come to an acknowledgement of an understanding or knowing what success really is and what success isn’t.

We all want and crave for attention of success and to feel powerful and successful in what we do yet there’s nothing wrong with that. We all chase money, fame, fortune, power, education and relationships. Yet, again the question remains if we don’t stop- have we already reached to the point of success? Also, in saying this everyone’s perception of success can be faulty!

Question to ask myself is what is success?

According to Merriam Webster Online Dictionary the definition of success is defined as:
1) Degree or measure of succeeding.
2) Favorable or desirable outcome also the attainment of wealth, favor or eminence.
3) One that succeeds.

Also, the definition from Dictionary.com defines success as:
1) Favorable or prosperous determination of attempts or endeavors of the accomplishment of one’s goals.
2) Attainment of wealth, position, honors or the like of whatever it may be.
3) Performance or achievement that is marked by success i.e. Attainment of honors or scholarships etc.

It’s known that many people myself included may pause and think about what success truly means to them and myself and succeed into everything that we do to become a better version of ourselves.
I believe that if we don’t ask ourselves this question along with many questions that all is broken and lost. The answer we’re seeking for is that I and yourself just need to believe and not rush the maturity, self, mental and spiritual growth along with mine and yours learning process in our journey. We may as well end up climbing up the wrong ladder of someone else’s version of success. Those people who have achieved in their own rights, terms and merits are those who are crystal clear on what it means for them to reach to the top. If we want to follow their footsteps, we must achieve equal clarity and understanding. Success is setting our goals, dreams and visions along with objectives and trajectories based on what my heart so desires and craves for not in what someone else wants from me. The very simple and profound truth of it all is that whatever the day brings for me to make me happy and at peace in myself and for myself may not make you happy and at peace for yourself and vice versa.

I believe that we truly fail myself included and also feel defeated from certain everyday situations that we can all learn from our past mistakes and learn from them. Our mistakes are our lessons in life to teach us, prepare us and help us to grow maturely, spiritually and mentally.
I strongly believe – if we ever try to pursue someone else’s dreams, visions, goals and path, we’ll feel so tired, frustrated and unhappy and that we all ultimately will lose ourselves and not be at peace within ourselves or anything that comes up to test our limits, patience and boundaries.

As Bruce Lee said, “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, don’t go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”

The first step and path to success starts with us by asking ourselves,
“What really makes me happy?” “What makes me at peace in myself?”
The next steps to ask myself are:
o Where have I already seen success in my own life?
o How can I continue to build up on that success?
o What life lessons have I learnt from these successes?
o What I learned about myself from these successes?

Success is both a goal and long journey in self-discovery. When we reach a certain milestone or path, that we tend to give up from there and this is an important part to the element of success not to give up from what you’re doing and to keep on going or moving forward and not to look back. Also, to not allow others to hold us back. Finding the right  people who loves me and supports everything I am and what I do. I should never stop. I need to keep pushing myself forward, higher and harder to strive more and to be better in myself.

I need to ask myself some sure fire specific questions to myself and they are:

  • What truly matters to me the most?
  • What truly ignites me and sets my passions on fire?
  • What truly ignites me and sets my passions on fire?
  • Who I want to become?
  • What lifestyle do I want to achieve and accomplish in life?

The question you will be asking yourselves is “What does success means to me?”
Success means to me in the following:

  • Little achievements and accomplishments that I’ve made i.e. Making new friends on either social medias or the outside world.
  • Sharing my life story with Asperger’s Syndrome.
  • Creating an awareness and understanding of all this.
  • The everyday choices I’ve made in the good, bad and the ugly to keep moving forward, not to dwell on the mistakes I may have made and not look back..
  •  Allowing room for mistakes and also for personal growth in maturity, mental and spiritual.
  • Being alive and kicking.
  • Being a doer and not a goanna.
  • Believing in myself and loving what I do.

Before I do make the first step and decision of making forward I need to access where I am now. I need to be honest and do a self-evaluation on myself. After all this is said and done- that is then time to set some specific goals for myself. These goals are to be achievable yet set and concrete but it’s still challenging for me. If I don’t define success- someone else will define it for me!

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Daily exercising, healthy diet and habits maintain a good life style. You look charming and beautiful when you are have a fitted body and a healthy life style. Obesity is nothing but a disease. There are only two ways of making yourself fit; taking proper amount of healthy diet and maintaining your proper activity level.


pic credit: Dieting Pictures.


Dieting; the way of maintaining healthy life!


pic credit: Dieting Pictures.

Obesity or overweight affects the life of each and every individual differently and it’s hard to discuss about. The first step of yours is to replace your normal routine plan with a good eating plan. Your age, physical fitness, activity level and health are some major issues that must be taken into consideration while planning your diet. A young man/woman can eat more than an old man/woman, so diet must be planned according to age level.

To maintain your physical fitness health diet you need to consume more natural stuff like grains, fruits, vegetables, meat and cereals. You need to maintain a proper amount of vitamins, proteins, fats, fibers and minerals. It may cause dangerous issues when you will have excess of these. Try to have a balanced diet and before intake of few things; do consult a doctor, like if you have less vitamin D in your body and after intake of it, it become high then it may be poisonous for your body. Taking excess vitamin C don’t harm you; excess of it get absorbed in your bones. So it’s better to consult doctor for your deficiencies. Sometimes obesity is also caused by deficiencies in your body.

 Maintain water level in your body. Drink at least 8-glass of water daily. It is important for being healthy. Avoid all the fizzy drinks and just drink the normal water. Water increases your energy level and also promotes your weight loss. It enhances your skin tone and you look fresh and healthy. It also maintains regularity and boost your immune system. When your body functions good you feel happy and amazing!

For healthy eating and a dieting plan, an average person needs to take 2-4 servings of fruits, 2-4 servings of vegetables, 1-2 serving of meat stuff, 5-10 servings of grains or cereals and 3-4 servings of milk products. If you are not going to maintain this average eating plan for yourself then it may have a chance of eating things in excess. After taking these meals you will be able to loose at least 2 Kg with workouts.

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION recommend: “Not to eat 30% of fats in your daily diet and take at least 10% of simple sugar stuff or below 5% of calories or 25 grams may be even better!. Eating 400 grams of fruits and vegetables per day is enough.” Healthy diet helps you maintain healthy life. The body needs specific nutrients to function properly. Your proper workout and nutritious diet will maintain your ideal weight and you will stay active!

“Skin care is like dieting. You have to invest time and effort. There is no instant miracle cure.” By Karen Grant.


pic credit: Quotes About Dieting.

EXERCISING; maintaining physical and mental fitness


pic credit: Exercising Pictures

Exercising is essential as a nutritious diet. Exercising not only maintains your physical looks but it also makes you look active and healthy. It reduces your depression  and you feel good. Overweight people have high cholesterol and blood pressure level. When you add a healthy exercise to your daily routine then the level of these factors decrease.

“Obesity alone makes a person very vulnerable to heart disease, but also susceptible to an additional 65% chance of having at least one added risk for heart disease, diabetes and or stroke and a 50% possibility of having two or more of these as possible risk factors. Some other possible risks are high blood pressure, high blood sugar, cholesterol and blood fats that are not all curable with insulin and are considered the metabolic syndrome” By LISSNER. 

There are different types of exercises which you can adopt to make yourself  fit. For example;

Weight Lifting: It loses body fat. You will burn more calories if you have high metabolism rate. It also helps in building your muscles.


pic credit: Weight Lifting for women.

Lower Back: It lowers the stress on your spine and you feel free from lower-back pain.


pic credit: Lower Back Exercises.

Upper Back on Swiss ball: It helps you shape the back of your shoulders.


pic credit: Lower Back Exercises.

Hip Raise: It helps you reduce your belly. It reduces the fat of your stomach. All stress lies on your back and so your belly becomes flat. So this exercise gives your body a shape.


pic credit: Lower Back Exercises.

Running: Running at least 20 minutes daily will make you active and fit. It also helps in reducing your weight and your growth of  hormones enhance. It lower your cholesterol level and boost up your immune system.     


pic credit: Running Images.

These all factors help you to stay mentally and physically healthy. These all tips can easily be done at home and your life will be healthy, happy and long.

If you think you have better tips for maintaining your health then do comment in comment box and share your experience with others.

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“Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent.”  By BOB KEESHAN.

 What makes us to be a good parent? Many people are impossible to answer this question and most of them are unfamiliar with the word good parenting, because, because, because……………………………………………………. will get the answer SOON!

Raising an exemplary family and good parenting is a complete art and can say that it’s “MYSTERY”! If you are good parents then definitely you will be raising a good family and hence the good family contributes a lot to make a good society and a good society makes the happy world to live in.

Each and every action of parents has an influence on child’s life. They contribute a lot towards child development. Parents should try to give an amazing start to the child’s life but most importantly they should try to raise the child with it’s own temperament and “Yes” it’s the duty of parents to provide them that complete environment in which they raise themselves independently and face the world with courage. In this present world, parenting has become some what a competition.

We ourselves think to be perfect parents but then comes something called OVERPARENTING that cripples children when they move in their practical lives. Then their comes LESSPARENTING in which there’s a communication gap between parents and children and this leads to the poor attitudes of children. 

It’s very hard to be called “GOOD PARENTS”, but beside that issue every parent try their best to prove them right, but sometimes they fail to do this and hence the results are worse than expected. Lets discuss some of the tips for good parenting. Hope you will like them.


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Yes, we think that our overprotectiveness will save our child from every evil and we might be right in this case but we don’t think that it’s child life. To protect them, we impose our ideas and thoughts on our  children and push them to follow; we don’t have a view that our duty is to guide them the right path. We should let our children experience the life by themselves. 

I am not saying to leave them their way, it’s like don’t impose something on them. For instance, your child wants to do engineering and you want your child to become a doctor and the child have told you several times that he has no interest in medical field. After listening the child’s thought you keep on pushing him/her to become a doctor. Is that fair in your eye? Or you think that parents have the right to show their overprotectiveness and let yourself and child regret for whole life? I want you to answer this by yourself, because it’s obvious that parents should give their children to decide their future plans and they should do their duty of guiding them the right path and should not impose something on them for their pleasure.


I myself believe that any parent must not forget about is trust. When the child is born and comes into world, put trust in their parents which I think must not be betrayed because it will definitely become hard to win back.

Don’t give up on your child. Parental support is the biggest weapon to take your children out of trouble and to make them amazing people. Give them the best of yours and best thing you can give them is trust. Trust your children with full faith. Stop doubting their actions (sitting, walking, playing etc.) Many parents in the society have been observed to be suspicious. Be suspicious but not in a way that it hurt the self respect of your child and he be pushed to think that AM I A WRONG PERSON! This gives him/her the complete mental torture of full time.

Try to give them the space in their lives if you want them to be the best person of the society. Being suspicion won’t make them the person you want but will make them stubborn and in that case you FAILED; FAILED IN PARENTING. Avoid to distrust your child even if you have doubts and do communicate with them to make the things settled.


Many parents are not that much friendly with their children. They lack communication with their children due to which they are always unware of child thoughts and it’s the worse sight ever to be unware of your child views. Their is a lot communication gap that child feel afraid to even discuss about small issues.

Parents should not be afraid to talk to their children. They should try to look at world with the child’s eye and should guide them the best way. They should have small discussion on different topics because their experience gives the opportunity to child to explore and learn something new. Parents should talk with their children as much as possible.


Parents should give their children the complete edge to share their thoughts. For instance, children should come to them and should tell them their complete day briefly and it’s the parents duty to be a good listener at that time. The second best thing you can give your child is your love and your attention. These two things can complete their lives.

Communicate as much as you can! Make strong bonds with your children so that they can open themselves at any matter they want. 


We often think that giving them the materialistic things fill every gap of their life but we are wrong at this point. The only thing they want is your love, your attention, your guidance and above all your trust. If you are giving all these things to your child then I bet you that he/she won’t follow wrong path.

Many parents are habitual of sarcasm, anger etc. They are very poor in controlling their emotions. We don’t think that our behavior affect child’s life in worse way. ALL time scolding will make him/her stubborn. Many parents have the shouting way of talking which push the child to have negative thoughts. We our self ruin the life of our children and at the end we blame them when they follow the wrong path. 

Try to give them as much love as you can because these materialistic things are of no use and the only thing that matters is your love and your attention. Love and care are the greatest healers!


The biggest flaw of our society is that their exist comparison between children. For instance if their are three daughters and one son than the son would be getting more importance and love and this arises issues in your family. Try to make sure that your all kids know that they are loved equally. If you are buying something for your son then it’s compulsory for you to buy for your three daughters too, so that they won’t feel any ignorance from your side. Treat and love them equally.


No one is perfect! Everyone do mistakes. Same is case with children. Parents should have big heart to forgive their children. They should not criticize their child for committing that mistake. For instance, when a child do some mistake, parents often scold him and criticize him even if they have forgive. If you have forgive your child once for committing a mistake then don’t criticize him/her on that mistake again and again because after some time that will become a mental torture for your child and in that case your child would  become stubborn and start avoiding negotiations with you and that’s your FAILURE.


Its the duty of parents to make their child skillful. They should try to transfer their own skill to their child. They should make them learn how to be productive in different manner. They should teach them their best they have, so that they can contribute to the society in positive manner.


Its right of every child to get the basic necessities of life. Parents should give their children a good education and a healthy life style. They should try to give them  everything according to their stature. Providing them with basic necessities is your duty. Its not like to provide them luxurious life. Make them a man that they themselves work hard to get the luxurious life. 


Being a good parent is toughest job because parents teach them the real values and manners and this job is completely in their hands whether they want to be good parents or not. Good parents provide all these above mentioned things to their children at home, because if they failed to provide ,then the child start seeking that from outside. They start seeking attention and guidance from outside. Being good parent is being a good role model and a good person. 

If you have your own views about good parenting then let me know in comment box and help people raise a good family.

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Khalil Gibran writes: ‘A stone fell into a pond and gave rise to waves which spread in all directions. Inspired by this, a tree on the periphery also dropped a leaf in the water but it raised no sound and did not give rise to any waves. I told the tree “O fool! Only those can create a stir who carry some weight.”’

This is an allegory and fact of life. Scores of leaves together could not match the stir created by a single stone. An organization is also like a pond. Some individuals lend strength to organizations and lead way to success. On the other hand, in some cases, the presence of a large number of persons fails to prevent a disaster. The reason is often found in personality of individuals managing organizations. If the persons on the top lack positive personality traits and unassailable character, they float like leaves on surface without making mark, or contributing to organizational development.

Personal development is the act of activity that ameliorate perception and identity, bloom the talents and potential, embellish human capital and facilitate employability, escalate the quality of life and contribute to realization of dreams and aspirations. The whole process of this development takes place over a period of time. 


There are five stages of personality development.

INFANCY: The first stage is infancy in which child learns basic trust or mistrust in the first two years of her/his life and develops basic security and optimism.

TODDLERHOOD: The second stage is toddlerhood which exist during age of 3 to 4 years. Normally the child becomes very much stubborn and shows stormy tantrums.

PRESCHOOL: The third stage preschool occurs during the play age when there is learning phase and child learns to use his/her imaginative skills and broaden skills through active play.

SCHOOL-AGE: The fourth stage is school age where child learns to master more formal skills need for self -discipline increases every year.

ADOLESCENCE: The fifth and last stage is Adolescence which occurs during age of 13 or 14. Maturity starts developing during this time; the young person acquires self-certainty as opposed to self-doubt and experiments with different constructive roles rather than adopting a negative identity, such as delinquency.

Elements of personality development

Ideological bases

 It is very important element. You should understand the basic concept of ideology of life that you subscribe to. And this belief must be firm enough to reflect in your thoughts and actions a true awareness of your objectives in life.

Knowledge and action

 It is another important element, the knowledge you have acquired of the concept of life, should be reflected in your actions. Truth and honesty are the basic principles of every creed and religion, if you do not practice it you will lose your credibility.

Find your center

when you are in survival mode, life can feel completely out of your control. Everything in your orbit feels like it’s in a precarious position, just moments away from veering off-kilter. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate achievable hobbies and actions; the things that graft you into your daily routine. Infuse your daily livelihood with joy and peace to find what inspires a quiet calm. Use your time to experiment with something you’ve never done before that brings you a sense of joy. Attaining that sense of calm can put you in a proper physical and mental space to face adversity.

Sincerity in intentions and actions

 It also plays a key role in personality development, according to our religion action is interpreted in the light of the intention behind it. Actions therefore must be taken with full awareness of the intentions behind it so it is necessary to scrutinize our intentions.

Appreciate everyday

Use hardships to fuel your personal and professional goals, but don’t be afraid to stop and smell the roses. Reward yourself for a job well-done, but they recognize the work of those around you, either with kind words or other incentives. Appreciating that effort shows how far you’ve come from those adverse beginnings and also reveals that you still have work to do. Despite and discomfort we might feel when it’s happening, adversity can lead to appreciation, hardships, spark creativity and grief can give way to gumption when it’s all channeled into positive efforts. Moving through challenges and coming out on the other side can inspire and influence your professional life as much as your personal one.

 Sense of responsibility

A person with good personality possesses an immense sense of responsibility that prevents mishaps and losses arising from them.

Fear of God and life

Fear of God and life hereafter is also part of personality development and cornerstones of impressive personality enhancing efficiency and guarding against involvements.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is bout creating yourself.” {George Bernard Shaw}.


Managing time is very important part of personality development. Some people take time management too seriously and to the extent of phobia. While talking to others they keep on looking at the watch.

Visualize your daily goals: Observe your routine and then remind yourself about your important tasks to be performed. Calculate your time according to it and set your goal first and start implementing it until and unless you are finished with what you thought.

Avoid putting off tasks: We as a humans have this unfortunate tendency to spend more mental energy worrying about the tasks we have to do then we spend actually doing them. When you put off tasks, they are always going to be in the back of your mind. It’s difficult to enjoy the leisure time you are always either consciously or subconsciously thinking about the work you are putting off.

Set deadlines: deadlines have the way breaking procrastination and can motivate you even when you have no deadline to complete the task. It’s important, though, when you set deadlines for yourself that you actually stick to them.

Destructive Elements of personality development

Human beings are held in high esteem because of their moral values. They also indignity on account of evils they do and these negative personality traits are responsible for their failures. Moral impoverishment, psychological factors, interpersonal relations are destructive elements of personality. Arrogance, Rage and Malice, Pretentiousness are negative traits which we should avoid at any cost.

Personality development is gaining more and more importance because it enables people to create a good impression about themselves on others. It helps them to develop relationships, help in career growth and also helps to improve financial crisis. So we should always think positive and should not be monotonous and should spend some time alone concentrating on our self. After all personality development is nothing but a tool that helps you to realize your strengths making you a happier and cheerful person.


Personality and personal character plays a vital role in success of every individual irrespective of his/her occupation or status. At higher level in any field technical skills only contribute to 15 percent of an individual’s development, 85 percent is the contribution of personal traits. On the other- hand negative traits lead to failure and people starts pointing fingers at them.

REFERENCE: Highway to success by Muhammad Bashir.